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The Office of Christian Formation for the Vicariate of Arabia was started in 2003 under the guidance of Bishop Gremoli. Following the retirement of Bishop Gremoli, Bishop Paul Hinder continues to guide and support the Office of Christian Formation. It is now known as the Office of Christian Formation (OCF), Apostolic Vicariate of Southern Arabia.

The OCF was created to serve the catechetical work of the Vicariate. This includes the parishes and Catholic School religion programmes of all of the parishes and Catholic Schools in the Vicariate. This work includes children’s catechism, teen ministry, sacramental preparation for children and adults, catechism programmes for language groups, adult formation and Catholic School religion programmes. The OCF offers support, formation and resources to all who are involved in any teaching function in the Church.

The OCF also offers support for ongoing formation for teens, young adults and adults. Resources and training are made available to parishes and schools.

The Office of Christian Formation has a committee to advise the staff of the OCF. The committee members have been nominated by their parish priest. The committee meets twice each year for two days to discuss the work of the OCF. Their participation in this work is very helpful and necessary in order to have input from the parishes of the Vicariate.

The Office of Christian Formation provides support to parishes within the Apostolic Vicariate of Southern Arabia in all areas of teaching ministries, including the following:

  • Parish Catechism
  • Sacramental Preparation
  • Parish Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • Catechist Formation
  • Leader training
  • Adult Christian Formation

The office is led by the Director of Christian Formation, Catherine Miles-Flynn and Monsignor Francis Jamieson. 

Several training programs are currently being offered in partnership with Dayton University and Maryvale Institute.



The Office of Christian Formation offers two conferences each year:

The Formators’ Conference is a one day gathering of leaders in catechetical work. This includes, parish children’s catechism programmes, teen ministry, young adult ministry, sacramental preparation, adult formation, language groups and Catholic School religion programmes.


The annual Christian Formation Conference is a two day conference held in The UAE and in Oman. International speakers come and present lectures and workshops on topics helpful to all those who are involved in any teaching ministries in the Church.




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