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The Lectors’ Ministry is headed by 2 General Coordinators supported by Mass Coordinators , a Liturgy coordinator, 2 Training Coordinators and a Scheduling Coordinator. There are over 300 Lectors who render their dedicated services to 16 weekly English obligatory masses and daily masses in addition to several High Masses during important festive seasons.

General Coordinators hold the overall responsibility of the ministry and directly report to the Parish Priest. General Coordinators are responsible to collect any and all instructions from the Parish Priest and Parish Council and pass on to all members of the Ministry.

Mass Coordinators are responsible for all the Lectors opted to read in those specific masses. Mass Coordinators are the mentors for each reader and monitor their behavior in the Sacristy, at the Alter and in the Church premises in addition to monitoring their dress codes in particular.

All Lectors are responsible to proclaim the Word of God in line with the Church instructions. Lectors are allowed to read the Word of God only once they are trained properly by the authorized trainers from the Ministry.

Liturgy Coordinator is responsible to collect the materials from all authorized available sources and set up all the readings on a monthly basis and inform the General Coordinators in the form of Missalettes, which will be distributed to all Mass Coordinators and then on to the respective Lectors. These Missalettes will then be uploaded in the Church web site. Liturgy Coordinator is responsible to coordinate with Choir Coordinator in order to finalise all the hymns applicable for each mass. Liturgy Coordinator also responsible to meet the Parish Priest prior to finalizing the readings as required.

Training Coordinators are responsible, under the instruction and guidance of General Coordinators, to conduct training sessions for all new Lectors.

Scheduling Coordinator is responsible to collect schedules from all mass coordinators on a monthly basis and finalise the monthly roster for all the masses and issue to the General Coordinators for further distribution and display on the dedicated notice board. The same is also uploaded in the Church web site.


1. Mass Coordinators’ Meeting-monthly - on every last Monday of the month at around 7:45 pm, i.e. after 7 pm mass.

2. General Lectors’ meeting-bi-monthly - on last Wednesday of every alternate month at around 8:oo pm, i.e. after 7 pm mass and the Novena to our Lady of Perpetual Succor.

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